ITIL® 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve (DPI) (English)

ITIL 4® Trainings in English 2 Tage

This 2 1/2 day course module teaches practical skills and knowledge needed to control, plan and continuously improve IT services: Direct, Plan & Improve (DPI).
Agile methods and procedures are changing organizations and teams. How can we use these influences to our advantage? Which methods support the development of an effective digital strategy?
This course examines both practical and strategic aspects.

The price includes:

- orginal literature
- accredited training documents
- lunch, beverages and snacks
- intensive examination preparation

The training will prepare you optimally for the ITIL® 4 DPI examination, which is held on the third day of the course.

This seminar is implemented according to the current Axelos (ITIL® 4) curriculum.


- Managers
- Employees of service or IT organizations
- IT professionals
- Business managers

who wish to enhance their ITIL® 4 knowledge and/or aspire to the status of an ITIL® 4 Managing Professional.

Voraussetzungen für die Schulung

ITIL® Foundation certification


Learning Objects:

  • You will enhance your basic knowledge of the key concepts of Direct, Plan & Improve
  • You will develop an understanding of how to meaningfully integrate governance, risk and compliance (GRC) in the service value system.
  • You will acquire comprehensive knowledge of how the key concepts and methods of an IT organization which is learning and continuously improving itself extend to other areas.
  • With the internationally recognized ITIL® 4 DPI certification you will document your understanding of ITIL® and satisfy one of the conditions to qualify as an ITIL® 4 Managing Professional.
  • Examination preparation and ITIL® 4 DPI examination

Course Content:

  • Fundamentals of Direct, Plan and Improve
  • Strategy and basic orientation
  • Assessment and planning
  • Evaluation and reporting
  • Continuous further development
  • Communication and organizational development
  • The Service Value System

ITIL® 4 DPI certificate:

The ITIL® 4 DPI examination is held after the seminar. This is a multiple-choice examination with 40 questions which must be answered in 90 minutes. To earn the certificate you must answer 28 of 40 questions correctly, thus 70%.
Candidates who sit the examination in a language which is not their mother tongue or candidates with special requirements (e.g. health restrictions) are entitled to an extended examination time. Please inform us when you register if we should apply for an extended examination time for you.

Validity: unlimited
Examination language: ENGLISH
Exam Fee: € 330,00 plus VAT
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