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ITIL® 4 Strategic Leader: Digital & IT Strategy (English)

ITIL® 4 Trainings in English 3 Tage

In this 3 day training course you will learn how ITIL 4 can support organisations on their path of digital transformation, in overcoming challenges in service management and in the use of new technologies. In addition, you will learn how to react appropriately to digital disruption.

The ITIL 4 (SL) Leader Digital & IT Strategy Training from SERVIEW is officially accredited and meets the requirements of the Official Accreditor of ITIL 4 (AXELOS). This gives you the guarantee that you will be taught all the key contents of ITIL 4.


Please note: the price includes

  • seminar fee
  • exam fee
  • education package
  • original e-book

These additional services are specified by the accreditation authority and therefore cannot be deselected.



  • IT and business directors
  • Department heads,
  • Prospective C-level 
  • Other executives from across the organisation who are concerned with developing and optimising digital visions, aligning business and IT strategies and driving organisational change.

Voraussetzungen für die Schulung

ITIL 4 Foundation certificate.

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2 Tage Präsenz oder Online
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The training is based on the official syllabus and prepares optimally for the official examination.

  • Developing a cross-organisational digital strategy
  • Drawing up a digital vision
  • Pushing forward operational excellence
  • Treating and Responding to digital disruption
  • Enabling sustainable business
  • Strategic risk management
  • Developing digital leaders for the future
  • Applying ITIL guiding principles to digital and IT strategy decisions and activities
  • Concepts of digital and IT strategy, service value system and service value chain
  • How these models work together to create value in markets that are being transformed by digital and information technology.
  • Strategic approaches enabled by digital and information technology to achieve customer/market relevance and operational excellence
  • The risks and opportunities of the digital/IT strategy
  • Steps and techniques to define and support a digital/IT strategy
  • How to implement a digital / IT strategy 

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Deutsch (Englisch auf Wunsch)


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