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ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver & Support (CDS) (English)

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This 2.5 day training course for ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver & Support (CDS) is intended for all those with ITIL 4 Foundation certification who wish to delve deeper into ITIL 4 and its practices and to achieve ITIL 4 Managing Professional status.
You will acquire the knowledge to develop, deliver and support services (Create, Deliver & Support), and how the necessary value streams are integrated via value streams and activities. In doing so, you will deepen your basic knowledge from the Foundation and treat the practices, processes and activities in the necessary depth and practical relevance. At the end of the training you will be able to pass the official exam and to profitably align the services of your organisation.


  • Live training with a real trainer
  • Training according to the Workbook-Principle®
  • Digital training documents
  • No travel time and costs
  • Anywhere
  • Online exam at a date of your choice

This seminar is implemented according to the current Axelos (ITIL® 4) curriculum.


Please note: the price includes

  • seminar fee
  • exam fee
  • education package
  • original e-book

These additional services are specified by the accreditation authority and therefore cannot be deselected.


Accredited ITIL® 4 Create, Deliver & Support (CDS) training is provided by SERVIEW, accredited by PEOPLECERT. 
ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited., used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.



  • Managers
  • Process Managers
  • IT Consultants
  • Project Managers

who were involved in introducing and implementing ITIL® processes

Voraussetzungen für die Schulung

ITIL® Foundation certification

2 Tage Präsenz oder Online
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1.451,80 € inkl. 19% USt.


This 2.5 day training provides an understanding of how to integrate different value streams and activities to develop, deliver and support IT supported products and services and relevant practices, processes, methods and tools - Create, Deliver & Support. In addition, this training provides an understanding of service performance, service quality and improvement methods.

The successful completion of the ITIL 4 Create, Deliver & Support qualification is one of the prerequisites for achieving the ITIL 4 Managing Professional level, which proves the candidate's practical and technical knowledge of the use of successful, modern IT-capable services, teams and workflows.

The ITIL 4 MP Create, Deliver & Support Training from SERVIEW is officially accredited and meets the requirements of the Official Accreditor of ITIL 4 (AXELOS). This gives you the guarantee that you will be taught all the key contents of ITIL 4.

The SERVIEW Virtual Live Classroom (VLC) training represents a new form of learning. You will learn live and in constant dialogue with an experienced SERVIEW trainer the entire training content of the corresponding module. The SERVIEW Workbook principle is also used. No boring PowerPoint presentations, but as in SERVIEW presence training, the contents are developed together with you. By using our interactive learning platform and the education package sent to you in advance, you have all the possibilities of a normal training course at your disposal. Get in touch, ask questions, give the trainer immediate feedback on his explanations - our platform offers you all these functions. You solve the group work of a face-to-face training in separate rooms and present the results to the entire classroom. For training courses with certification, you can take the exam flexibly online, and you can choose the date of the exam yourself.

SERVIEW VLC Trainings are a new attractive learning option and all you need is a workstation with a stable internet connection, a headset and a webcam. With our Education Package you will receive the literature, the workbook and all necessary training documents in advance.

You will acquire the knowledge to develop, deliver and support services (Create, Deliver & Support), and how the necessary activities are integrated via Value Streams. To enable you to link what you have learnt to your own practice in the best possible way, you will be given practical examples and aspects on a regular basis. The ITIL 4 Create, Deliver & Support training covers the following topics:

  • Application of Value Streams and activities to the:
    • Design & transition of services and components
    • Obtain/build of service components
    • Deliver & support of live products and services
    • model examples for Value Stream application
  • Organisation and framework for Value Streams & 4 types for organisational structures
  • know how relevant ITIL 4 practices contribute to CDS
  • methods for prioritisation and workflow management
  • 5 techniques for demand management
  • 12 ITIL practices relevant to CDS
  • culture on organisational structures
  • culture on organisational structures Team and employee level
  • 10 steps to a customer-oriented organisation
  • measurement of service performance


The ITIL® 4 CDS examination is held online after the seminar. This is a multiple-choice examination with 40 questions which must be answered in 90 minutes. To earn the certificate you must answer 28 of 40 questions correctly, thus 70%.

Candidates who sit the examination in a language which is not their mother tongue or candidates with special requirements (e.g. health restrictions) are entitled to an extended examination time. Please inform us when you register if we should apply for an extended examination time for you.

Validity: unlimited

Examination language: ENGLISH

Exam Fee: € 370,00 plus VAT

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